Types Of Spas

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The term spa is a popular one in the world of fitness and health. It is a place where the fitness freaks can find the solution to their several problems. From swimming to yoga to fitness plans spas have everything for the fitness lovers. These spas are of different types and the users can choose any of these as per his individual needs. The popular types of spas are as follows: 

  1. Ayurvedic spa derives its inspiration from the popular Indian treatment called Ayurveda. This treatment includes use of natural ingredients that are mostly herbal in nature. After determining the individual needs of the visitors the expert physicians decide the treatment that they need to undergo. This kind of spa and the treatment is very helpful for those who want to look young and stay young for a long time. It resolves the problems related to ageing. At the same time their services are very helpful in getting rid of the stress, anxiety and to fight the diseases by boosting the immunity levels. Another version of such spas is inspired by the Turkish way of stay healthy and that is refered as Hammams.
  2. Bootcamp spa is a kind of traditional day spa in Sydney that offers all the traditional procedures like facials, massages and manicure etc. if you are looking for something that can actually assist you in complete fitness, detoxifying the body, and physical rejuvenation.
  3. Club spa is like a gym or the health centre. Some of the gyms have actually got club spas that are an integral part of their working. The club spas are a sum of a gym, a lounge to chill, beauty centre and above all a tea area for interaction. The club spa tradition is actually popular in the United Kingdom.
  4. Day spa as the name indicates is a place where the people come to have a health filled day. The popular treatments associated with the day spa are scrubs, massages, facials and wraps. The busy workers who are always trying to get something better for them prefer utilizing their weekends in a healthy way. For this purpose they prefer the services at the day spa.
  5. Dental spa is a unique kind of experience. The dental health cannot be ignored as part of the individual physical fitness. Regular dental checkups can save anyone from the deteriorating dental conditions. If you are tired of the traditional dental set ups then it is better to choose the dental spa. It is treating and maintaining the teeth through latest procedures like inlays, last whitening, veneers and the inlays.
  6. Destination spa or the spa resort is popular trend in current times. The visitors can have a short stay of up to two nights for the sake of health and fitness. These spas have almost all that you need like weight loss, stress reduction, detox, diet plans, and even informative sessions regarding the health and fitness.
  7. Medical spas are specialised for giving therapy treatments to patients. Such spas have treatments that include the treatment with or without the medicines.