Learn About The Certificate Iii In Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Before you could understand what a certificate iii in light vehicle mechanical technology is, you should understand that what a light vehicle mechanic does. Since the people who want to become a light vehicle mechanic acquire this certificate to excel in their career and to expand their opportunities. Go here for more information about RPL assessment. 

What are the responsibilities of the light vehicle mechanic is? 

This kind of mechanic is responsible for the inspection, repair and maintenance of the mechanical parts especially existent in the vehicles. This could be of any vehicle such as the cars, van or even a truck. The light mechanic has another name which is the motor mechanic and some people also call him an automotive technician. The basic tasks of this mechanic however include the discussion about the problems faced by the customer related to their car which is then followed by the examination of the car to determine that what damage is done and what is the extent of it. In order to determine the extent of the damage of the car parts, the light mechanic has various specialised testing tools which help him test the functionality of the different parts and if the results of the testing are not accurate then this means that the component is damaged. Once the problem has been identified, then the mechanic either repair the part if it could be repaired or replace it when the part has been properly damaged. Not only this, but sometimes some part of the cars is not accurately assembled and then these are adjusted by the light vehicle mechanic. The light mechanic usually maintains a checklist in which there is a list of all the parts which needs to be examined and tested and once he makes sure that the part is examined and tested then he checks it off from the list. Apart from all this, the duties of the light mechanic also involve the regular examination of the cars to make sure that all the things are smooth and the car is operating fine, for this he may have to perform many routines tune ups and oil replacements. 

Why the certificate is required?

The certificate iii in light vehicle mechanical technology is the course in which the skills and the knowledge related to the light mechanics is given. In this course, you not only get the theoretical concepts but you get a hands-on experience which helps you a lot in your practical life. This is the growing field and many job opportunities are expected in this in the coming years. If you want to have an edge in this field then this certificate is best for you.